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Basket Wheelbarrow Planter with Coco Liner

Price: $79.99
In Stock
Item Number: WH103
Manufacturer: Deer Park Ironworks, LLC
DPI number: WH103
DIMENSIONS: 48"(L) x 18:(W) x 17"(H)
MATERIAL:  Steel (planter), Coconut fiber (liner)
FINISH:  Natural patina powder-coated
FEATURES:  Form-fitted coco liner included
SHIPPING TIME:  1-5 business days


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Replacement Coco Liner for Basket Wheelbarrow (WH103)
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Replacement Coco Liner for Basket Wheelbarrow (WH103)
LINER ONLY. Replacement coco liner is designed to fit your Basket Wheelbarrow (WH103) perfectly. Coco fiber is a natural product providing proper drainage and a healthy environment for your plants and flowers to grow.
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